A Darling Place to Write – Minster Abbey.


If you are looking for a retreat to have a chance to rest, reflect and write, then Minster Abbey could be the perfect place. As I was looking to do all three recently, rest and reflect on spiritual issues and start writing a new project, the Abbey, the lovely food and the loving hospitality of the nuns was a perfect home for me. I was lucky to find myself sharing meals with a lady with whom I had a lot of laughs. I was also lucky to find an exercise class had started in the village hall which gave me a chance to stretch my limbs in a gentle way, the first time I’d done so since being seriously ill.


But also, I learned some things about the Catholic Church, which I hadn’t known. That it had a history of silent contemplation and had supported the notion that we need to go within to find our own answers. This came through reading a book called, Into The Silent Land by Martin Laird on the practice of contemplation. The lovely location a chance to sing with the nuns as they prayed, the thoughts contained within the book all turned into a delightful revelation – a mere 10 minutes drive from my hometown.




4 thoughts on “A Darling Place to Write – Minster Abbey.

  1. Beautiful, Denise! If you would like to continue your reflection, you could do worse than to listen to Ketelby’s In A Monastery Garden. When I was a little girl, a very far-seeing nun, taught us little kids to go inside ourselves and ‘be still’. It’s stood me in good stead all these years and that was the music she played,and I’ve been in love with and inspired by it ever since.

    Tara x

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