Inspiration to start writing.

I dipped into my online group after some time apart and noticed that a lot of writers were ‘going for it’ and writing with NaMo. A heady month of writing indulgence, putting output before form.  I received inspiration from that idea and got going myself. It was what I needed to have permission to shove the critic out in the cold and the fog. And I am happy to report that I am underway with current novel.  I’m working more roughly than previously and waiting for it to reveal itself.

My overall plan is to promote my Icon novel and then by next May have three screenplays ready to take to Cannes. I am getting support for one I will call Spooks. (Not those kind of Spooks.) Icon will be a second and this story; Mirror Girl will be the third.

I had a positive critical read recently of Spooks (of Yozgad); Screen South awarded it to me. At first I wondered if the reader had read another script. They had the title correct. Off the wall, original comedy, they wrote, –  in a POW camp – what are they talking about? It took me a good night’s sleep to see it. They were comparing it to Coen Brothers stuff. After the shock and with that perspective under my belt, I shall do a quick pass on that script and take it to another level. Anyway, that’s the plan.

The meanwhile, I have to bring Mirror Girl alight too.

Monday 21st November.

Sometime last week I hopped over from counting pages… for my new work to have meaning. And to know that it will sustain me to the end of the journey.  I don’t know when that happened, some time last week when a great scene came up from nowhere.

Even though I’m supposed to be not counting pages, I’m on page 29 and it will be great to see page 30 turn up soon.


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