Keys to Consciousness

Image“We are that infinite immortal pure consciousness that permeates all life and knows all things. Our very nature, when freed from the resistances of mind, is Love, Joy, Health, Prosperity and Freedom.”

A short quote from: “You Are the Key” by Shaun de Warren


I have recently been eulogising over Tiziano Terzani and the writings of Ken Wilber and seemed to have overlooked where I learned it all from in the first place. His love, help and presence was so important in my life that I mentioned him at my own mother’s funeral two weeks ago. Many, many of us will miss you.


15 thoughts on “Keys to Consciousness

  1. I was so sad to find out that Shaun has gone. I knew he was ill. Thank you for posting this., Denise. Would you give me some idea of when and how Shaun died, and something of the funeral? Where/when etc?
    I am so thankful for your communication.

    1. Dear Jenny, I’m so glad you found this posting and tribute, but sadly you have missed the funeral. I wrote a second short post about that reflecting on the mirror principle and his own mirror in which we were all refelcted last week after the funeral. He died two weeks ago on MOnday. The funeral was last Thursday. It was delightful to meet up with friends see faces that I recognised and generally celebrate his life. As you know he had been ill for some time with several things and they all cuaght up with him and he came to a point where he had had enough. He went peacefully and at home. I too wish I could have seen him talked to him and had a chance to reflect backwards with him. I moved away from London – and miss London too – so, it was not to be. He went too soon. At the funeral, Molly Parkin made us laugh. He was ego less and gave much to so many including me. How do you remember him?

      1. Dear Denise

        Thank you so much for this.

        I met Shaun in my 52nd year fourteen years ago. I attended a set of seminars through a friend, then the Prosperity Club. But it’s years now since I was able to do that, so hadn’t seen Shaun for quite a while.

        I remember him for the transformative impact he had on my life and being,. And as we all did, I loved him.

        In the spirit of you rquotation from the MIrror of Life, I feel the connection is unbroken. To be able to recognise that is part of Shaun’s precious legacy to us all.

        Did Shaun choose burial or cremation? I’d so much like to go and pay my respects sometime at his grave if there is one. Would you let me know where that might be?

        I can’ t tell you how much I appreciate hearing directly from you.

        With love and blessings and many thanks

      2. It is a pleasure to be in contact and perhaps like you I feel him suddenly taken away and am happy to talk about him and those times we spent together. I feel still a debt…and my next novel is called Mirror Girl in which I plan to include more specifically aspects of his work. I had wanted to do more but now he’s gone. But maybe he is by us too, and maybe smiling like he always did. There is no grave, he had cremation. There is a loose plan to gather a couple of times a year, to meet in his memory. This may form and grow or dwindle. It’s not right for me to talk about Jill’s plans but I glean she will make fresh directions, is some way. It is also a delight that you found out about him via my blog. Am tickled. I used to go during the 80s and into the 90s, I believe. I used to go when he began his gatherings in his house. Of course you don’t have the order of service. I could try and scan that, if you would like, so you can read about his early years. Best wishes,

      3. Denise, not that I know of !
        I would love to have the order of service, please, if that’s possible.
        Strange your mentioning Jil and new directions. I only ever saw her at the Prosperity club. Shaun must leave an unimaginable gap….
        I’d love to read your book when it’s done.
        Timing? Maybe you’d moved by the time I was there briefly?
        Isn’t it interesting that it was through your blog …

        So thankful

  2. So sad to hear of Shauns passing. I used to go to the prosperity club when I lived in London and Shaun had a major impact on my life becoming really positive. What a lovely, intelligent man. He will be really missed by our family.

    1. It has been lovely to share some thoughts with people who knew him. How lovely he had such an impact on your life. He had been like a father to me. He went too soon there was so much I wanted to share with him. Best wishes,

  3. Remembering the good ‘fun old times’ from the early 70’s. What a time of ‘expansion’! Flying on the ‘Journey’, crashed a few times, but all is well! I’m sure that I have seen you (Shaun) in Dorchester, Dorset, UK – I had no time to talk to you, as I was rushing to a fixed appointment! I had a very close shave with life (my heart stopped, suddenly) in 2012, but I had to come back for my children, who are beginning their teenage years.

      1. Thank you for your kind reply – it is just my ‘signature-avatar’ on this particular blog-site. I’m @ – with a private/public, largish, ‘knowledge’ type/ base presence, on the WWW. I don’t take too many comments, as I seem, to have so much ‘spam’, and I (of course) have to find some time to make any replies. I’m on ‘friends only’ on Facebook, and ‘semi-public’ on Google. Shaun’s (wonderful) presence, to me, was ‘exceptionally’ powerful. He seemed to be with someone, at the ‘Private Hospital’ in Dorchester, where I was attending a personal consultation with a Consultant Urologist. I was in ‘no stress’, or taking any type of medication. This was well before my ‘man type’ operation. The ‘operation’ (3 weeks ago) was a great success. I am now convalescing, by mostly staying in, and at home (when I can!). I’m a Career for one person (my wife’s sister); I am married, with 2 teenage children (twins); semi-retired, and an ‘owner/cleaner/ maintenance man’ of a ‘holiday home house’ that is next door to ‘our’ house, Nr Dorchester, UK.

    1. Dear Denise
      What a lovelyand timely surprise to find your e-mail twice in my mail just now. I haven’t been in Dorset, but hearing from you has made Shaun very powerfully present – a gorgeous present through you at this time of the year.
      I hope all goes well with you. Am sending love and so many good wishes for the remainder of the year and for 2015. Jenny

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