A Meditation on Consciousness.

A Meditation

“I realise that Shaun is just a mental construct.

He doesn’t really exist.

What exists is the Christ, God, Being, Love.

Shaun is a holographic illusion and must die as a reality.

He isn’t.

I see this and am shocked that for so long

I have attached importance to him.

I am willing to let him go and let God be.

When Shaun disappears God is present.”

Written by Shaun de Warren in 1985, Kullu.

And included among the celebration pieces prepared for his funeral by Gill and Danny.


2 thoughts on “A Meditation on Consciousness.

    1. It is so vast, it is everything and applies to our every thought and deed. I’m only a newbie and working on my consciousness and so how it pans out to others and God, I don’t feel able to comment. Although I shall muse on it, though.

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