Day 5 Synchronicity

Day 5 Sunday.

Synchronicity abounds. I really thought I was written out with my previous novel and that I had little left to draw on. Ahem. Things are coming together nicely in this little story, working title Seducing the Wind and written for the first time in first person. A lady reading Icon said some lovely things to me yesterday that made me deliciously happy. She commented on some ‘patterning’ which an editor had said was naff or words to that effect. I was tempted to take it all out but didn’t and that was what a reader said she liked. She added that she liked the size that it was cute and small and so she could keep it by her and read it secretly. Anyway, I must stay off that subject, but please excuse me sharing that only I’ve not had a nice word said about it. Largely because it doesn’t fit neatly into a genre.

But I don’t want to back focus I want to stay with the joy I’ve experienced this morning on my new novel which was only meant to be a fill-in while I waited to get started on my next ‘serious’ novel. I’m enjoying it more and more as it reveals itself and its meaning to me.


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