A Picnic in the Sun – Vinuela, Spain.

Picnics in England, when I was a child, were never like this. A recent picnic with friends in Vinuela was magical as it resounded with tinkling/jangling bells coming from a goat herd below in the valley. We ate goat cheese too and grapes, white ones, which burst with flavour in my mouth and triggered a memory of…eating grapes in Italy when I was a teenager on holiday. I haven’t tasted a flavourful grape since. We meditated by the lake and began to heal some of the childhood anxiousness and hurts that had surfaced in the days before. Later, we climbed to a four star, beautifully designed hotel up in the mountain. We drank coffee on the veranda beside a trickling fountain and enjoyed the stunning views all around us. We acknowledged the Buddha gracefully sitting in the stair-well which reminded us of his emotional pain and transcendence which was mirroring ours. A deepening was felt between us.


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