Teddy confesses sins.

Teddy went mad on last day in Spain, chasing bulls and buying bread like he doesn’t get any in England. But then he also felt the need to confess his sins. Over excitement, I call it.teddy church, smll

Teddy Nerja smll

Teddy pane smll


6 thoughts on “Teddy confesses sins.

    1. Help. Ayuda. They have hidden me away behind the cupboard to keep me quiet. I think it’s the cunning plan of that rotten chocolate rabbit they’ve taken a fancy to. Or the fact that I keep singing Andalusian songs. I left my heart in Andalusia etc. Seems to make Denise upset. I am Peruche de Andalus, the rhythm is in my blood – and won’t let her forget it. Perhaps you can help? I know that you and Bradley are my spiritual brother and sister… and send you many namastes. Ayuda, Ayuda.

    1. WordPress tells me peacelovewisdombliss no longer exists which is stupid as here you are. I am lucky as I have my own website now so can begin my cunning bear type plan, but may need some spiritual guidance to achieve it being only a silly bear.

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