Change your Mind Heal your Body by Anna Parkinson

I would like to mention my friend Anna Parkinson’s book, released last week, called: Change your Mind, Heal your Body. A few years ago Anna had a cancerous tumour lodged in her brain, and her game was more-or-less up as modern medicine had no cure for her. So, she was forced to seek her own healing from within. This wasn’t a choice she wanted. This book is the story of her life and self-healing – and includes important references that science now makes with regard to healing in this way. When I went to Florida and was, initially, able to heal my throat cancer, my girlfriend pointed me to an article written by Anna, which helped bring me confidence. You may not have cancer and choose to keep away from the subject, but… leaning on the 100 monkey principle/experiment, which showed that when a hundred monkeys learnt a new way of thinking/being, this new learning transcended boundaries and became known to other monkeys in different countries. So too, obviously, with us – originally no one could conceive of running a mile in four minutes, but once bust, many others followed through the barrier. How wonderful when more of us can take control of our own healing, should we choose to.

Her book makes great reading.

“Change your Mind, Heal your Body.” By Anna Parkinson writer and healer from Watkins Publishing.
Anna's bookAnna


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