Dear Hippies…Where did the Love go?

Hippie girl












We’re all going to San Fransisco….but, did you make it to Haight/Ashbury? Or perhaps you were in Carnaby Street. Where were you then? Where are you now? And where are you at now?

Did the love die, the day the music died?

Did the psychedelic colour fade to various shades of grey?

Did the flowers in your hair turn to Geraniums in flower pots?

Did tie-dyeing turn into chores and living for others?

Did smoking turn to addiction?

You’re older now, but wiser? Did you live the loving/ freedom dream? And if so, how is it manifesting in your life today? Perhaps a mortgage got in your way?

If you never left the Hippie Path, perhaps you can tell us how you maintained it.

If it died with the music then perhaps it’s time to reawaken it again. This time with new insight into how love and freedom can manifest to enrich our golden years.

If you never had it, perhaps now’s the time to find it deep within yourself.

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Do tell…


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