Swinging Sixties and ‘Wild Watercress.’

Beautiful Teenage GirlThe myth of the swinging sixties was the headline in the Daily Mail, last week. Was it all sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, they asked?

Well, not for everyone… for Lisa the long-haired, skinny, teenager in my latest novel, ‘Wild Watercress,’ nearing completion, it was more ghastly sex and lively Ska music, which kept her going after drugs and the girl gangs of London’s Portobello, had almost defeated her.

The decade was one of tremendous change which came fast from 1962 through to the summer of love in the Haight, San Francisco in 1966 which is where my character ends up as a Happy Hippie, running a vegetarian café, Wild Watercress, and in love with Karen.

The in-between from black-and-white Portobello to colourful San Francisco is a thrilling ride picking up the beat of the Ska music, with Lisa gaining inner strength and finding love with Karen.

‘Wild Watercress’ coming soon.

summer holidays, road trip, vacation, travel and people concept


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