Wild Animals seeking love and kisses: rhinos, penguin, shark!,..

… wolves, lioness, bear, chimps, pangolin, monkeys, deers.wombats. Documentaries showing various people and their love for wild animals and their response to them, has been shown on English tv. I  was so moved by the stories and the important point being the animals remembered the people that had cared for them – and  in one case after twenty years! Think hugs and intimate kisses in all cases, and lots of love.

A woman in Australia looked after some wombats and had her favourite (always there’s a favourite in the group).  Time came for them to be put back into the wild. A long time later …she returned and did her whistling around its hole – no wombat. Went home disappointed. Soon wiggling out of the woods came wombat, right up to her home then they started a wrestling, cuddling session as if it were a puppy.

South Africa — a women raised several little monkeys the ones with black faces. She returned them to the wild. A long time later, went into the bush and did her call and eventually her favourite turned up, leading the rest, and then they got cuddling and climbing all over her, her head, playing with her hair. Delightful.

OK. These we can understand but here comes…

Sharks. A diving woman loved sharks and got to know a school of them. There was one that wasn’t up for petting and would jerk away. One day this one turned up with fish hook caught in its mouth and long line hanging out. In agony. She was patient and got it to come to her. She then started fiddling with the line, but couldn’t get at it. Then had to Go For It and pull wide open the sharks mouth and stick her ARM down its gullet and eventually get the hook out. Successfully. It is now her friend and comes to her whenever she gets in the water and lies in her lap like a kitten at the fireside, head heavily in her groin and she cuddles it and kisses it.

Man in the US built up friendship with huge big brown bear. There wasn’t cuddling and kissing with this one but there was play and recognition. And also after quite a time the mother bear came back to see him with her cubs and let them have a play with him, like kittens.

A Cheetah had relationship with woman and yup here cuddling and kissing as if it was a blumin kitten.

In South Africa a man had a love for a pack of elephants that were going wild and were going to all be shot. He decided the only way he could calm them was to move in and live with them and talk to them and treat them and play with them etc. And yes, they calmed down and then were able to live on. They were his friends now over a period of time. The man goes away on business and has a heart attack and dies. Suddenly. Two days later, the whole pack wonder up to his house and moon around and won’t go and somehow seem to know he’s dead. Then for three years on the same date, they all come back to his house to pay respects.

OK. Now the chimpanzees. This woman was rearing chimps with no parents and took a shine to a pair of females. One nearly died but she treated it and it lived. They were her favourites. Comes a time when she is going to have a baby and has to move away. the grown chimps go back into the jungle.

Twenty years later, that’s twenty years – she comes back as older woman and just wonders if she can find them and if they would recognise her. They are on an island…and as she approaches on a boat….extraordinarily, the pair (now enormous) bounce up to the shoreline. Standing erect, they greet her…as she climbs out of the boat, one opens its arms and pulls back its lips in a full human smile and cuddles her like a child greeting its parent at airport. It was incredible. The chimp for a moment… as it stretched its arms and smiled didn’t look like a chimp at all. You had to see it.

And this was after twenty years. The woman was totally overcome.

And what also was paramount was the intention of the individual to begin with.

I want to save these elephants- I just think they need some love.

The shark woman. I think sharks are misunderstood I can see the love in them.


After watching more wild animal documentaries, I can add the following:

Rhinos! A woman brought up some baby rhinos and she had the usual bonding we’ve seen. They were growing up and ready to go back into the wild and she was pregnant and needed to leave them as these big things would push onto her pregnant tummy. Ten months later, she comes back to see if she can see them. She goes into the bush is a heavily framed Jeep type thing. Not long before the (ten) ton rhinos come out of the bush. It gets dodgy and dangerous as the push up against the Jeep, in their excitement. It seems rhinos don’t have good eyesight and so they are approaching the vehicle from the driver’s side and are attempting to climb over him and Jeep to get to her. They pull away a bit and then the silly rhinos realise she is round the other side and pad round. Then you have to see it, her stroking and tickling and cuddly and kissing these massive rhinos.

Deers in the wild – similar story. So cute looking with a man who’d fallen in love with them.

Pangolins! These prehistoric looking creatures with large scales. The woman loved them.

Wolves! A pack of 6/8 – all of them. When the woman came back after nine months to see if they would greet her – they charged out of the bush, they bolted to her and fought each other to get to her and kiss her and greet her as if they were a pack of kittens. Massive wolves. I believe this might be on the internet.

Lion. No no hugging and kissing here. But a lonely lioness who kept following a wild life photographer wanting to be friends. Eventually rolling over and showing him her tummy. But he was in trouble…he hadn’t brought her up, she was just lonely as all the other lions had been shot. She even tried to push into his tent, but he had to keep his distance. Eventually she started tearing some nearby trees and tore up his seat in his Jeep. He got help and eventually had shipped in from another country two male lions to keep her company. She eventually moved away and played with the other lions.

Finally a Penguin.

A retired Spanish guy in Southern America found an injured penguin on the beach. He brought it into the shade and fed it some fish and it followed him home. It stayed with him for eleven months and they would play on the sand and go swimming to gather and watch tele tucked up together, the penguin on his lap.

One day the penguin wandered out into the sea and swam off. Penguins do migrate when they’re going to breed. Four months later the penguin swims back onto the same beach and eventually greets his friend. They play as before and sometimes he gives the penguin and cool shower when it is hot. Then after approx eight months – off it wanders into the sea and disappears again to another country, maybe like a cat with two owners! And now for three years, it has been coming and going and returning to his friend. I do not know what this elderly man will do when it doesn’t come back. Same with the guy with the deers, he was broken hearted when he had to leave them.


And shark hugging and kissing will always stay with me.


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