Comic Raven? Kissing Ravens?

I’m putting out some lurve for the Raven. Next time you want a comic character for a Christmas panto – choose a Raven. And seeing two Ravens kiss, is a delightful surprise. Yesterday I noticed the luvvy side of Ravens. There were two in Wild Woods, Herne.img_0802 img_0806 After watching them for a while, I was amused to see the pair fly to be near each other and then slowly approach for a kiss, then a whole kissing session. After the kissing session, one bent its head and the other picked out fleas from the back of its neck, rather like monkey preening.

The next scene was even funnier. When their handler came with food, the male Raven moved away. The female came right up and took her food. The male began a comic dance…approaching the man from the back and sideways on. It would only approach sideways on, didn’t like being looked straight at. If the handler turned and looked at him, he would skip sideways away. Then when the handler looked away it would skip, always sideways and with a rocking motion, funnily hop towards the man. You just wanted to call out ‘behind you’ as it skipped in hopping often six inches from the ground toward the man and then away when he turned to feed it or look at it.

It was incredibly funny. Couldn’t get that shot, so hope you can visualise.


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