Rosemary Carr (author & editor) at Exactus Solutions Ltd.

I’m proud of being able to design and build the website for which is the showcase for Rosemary Carr’s editing and proofreading skills along with specialist software consultancy by Andy Carr. I’ve been able to transpose the skills used for making commercials into designing a dynamic site on WordPress. Rosemary’s client list goes from strength to strength and I wish them both well with their company.  Continue reading Rosemary Carr (author & editor) at Exactus Solutions Ltd.

A fun day out in France.

Luckily I meet a writing friend June on the coach and she was able to recommend a fabulous place to eat in the sprawling Cite de Europe. “Flunch”. Had great boeuf au saignant, but lousy ice cream. Recovering from outward journey, I purchased two Amelie Nothomb novels written in French with ongoing dreams of being able to read and understand. Plus survival copies of Clairefontaine notebooks with grid lines inside, which don’t remind me of school. Soon…we are running to the coach as rain hammers with promise of an approaching storm. We assemble at prompted UK time of 5.15pm. One … Continue reading A fun day out in France.